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About RecycleSmart

“What should I do with my waste?”

Once upon a time, understanding how to recycle was quite difficult. We were often confused about why and how to recycle waste in multi-stream environments.

Luckily, the RecycleSmart app answers the “what should I do with my waste?” question for over 550 Councils in Australia by categorising waste materials from more than 180 household items.

The app features information from the Planet Ark’s “RecyclingNearYou” website, together with other sources, to provide Australia’s most comprehensive recycling database on a intuitive mobile app.

In addition, the innovative “Tell Your Council” function allows users to report problems related to their waste (such as contamination in the bin or illegal dumping) to their Councils, via email or by a post on the council Facebook page.

Rather than mailing a paper flyer or rubber fridge magnet to campaign for recycling, the RecycleSmart app effectively educates communities by digitalizing recycling information and allowing two-way engagements between residents, businesses, and Councils.

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