About us

RecycleSmart works with Councils and businesses to help communities benefit from the economic and environmental advantages of recycling and resource recovery.
We worked with Planet Ark to build Australia’s most comprehensive recycling mobile application. The RecycleSmart App allows all Australian councils and community members to access the free digital tool that answers the old age questions ‘how do I recycle this?’ for over 250 items.

Every single council in Australia is currently represented in our app, which provides an easy tool to educate, motivate, and inspire residents to recycle more consciously.


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Why RecycleSmart?

RecycleSmart is dedicated to helping councils and communities move towards a sustainable, zero-waste-to-landfill waste management solution. Designed to serve every council and community in Australia, the RecycleSmart App makes recycling and waste management easier than ever.

Councils today pay millions of dollars each year sending waste to landfill. Adopting the RecycleSmart App within your local community will enable you to reduce costs and environmental impacts.

RecycleSmart isn’t just the easier, simpler way to deal with your waste and recycling, it’s the smarter way too.
Smart communities and councils all over Australia are thinking about how to move towards the Circular Economy, a state where all wastes are effectively separated and turned into useful products. The RecycleSmart initiative is one simple step you can make towards making this vision a reality.