Recycling and waste services just got smarter

RecycleSmart Improves Waste & Recycling Outcomes For Councils & Communities

  • Saving Local Councils thousands in flyers and printing costs
  • Automating Disposal Announcements
  • Allowing updates to your Council info & schedules in seconds

Built with Planet Ark, RecycleSmart is Australia’s most comprehensive and downloaded recycling app.

How RecycleSmart Works

  • Information on every Council in Australia.
  • Council Login with simple interface.
  • Self tailor Council information or schedules in seconds.

RecycleSmart gives users access to over every Council around Australia and provides easy to access information on the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of household waste.

  • Making waste disposal and recycling services easier for residents
  • Streamlining communication and engagement for Councils with local communities

Reduce The Cost Of Community Waste & Recycling

Proper bin disposal and management by residents

Direction on disposal of hazardous products and materials

Why RecycleSmart makes sense

  • Saves on local council marketing, printing, staff and education program costs.
  • It improves the efficiency of recycling by changing behaviour ‘at the bin’.
  • Reduces costs of waste & recycling services.
  • Reduces environmental impact of waste-to- landfill.
  • Provides a seamless communication platform between councils and their community.
  • Helps communities protect their natural environment through proper waste management.

RecycleSmart For Councils

  1. Free to register and set up your calendar information to the platform.
  2. RecycleSmart will update your basic information.
  3. Free trial to RecycleSmart’s premium platform features.

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