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RecycleSmart at Antler demo day

November  7, 2019

Antler demo day has been a great opportunity for us to showcase to the world the positive impact we have had on Australian communities. Thanks to Antler for all of their support during our journey to making recycling easier for everyone! (About the event)

SmartCompany - “We already failed once”: Why the time is finally right for Antler graduate RecycleSmart

November 4, 2019

Co-founders Giorgio Baracchi and Marco Prayer have been working on the product for three-and-a-half years already. Their app provides information about which items can be recycled in the home, as well as maps showing where people can take other ‘non-bin’ items, such as batteries, clothing or electronics... (Read more)

TimeOut - Sydneysiders can now book e-waste recycling collection via this app

October 30, 2019

Even those of us with the most sustainable intentions can get confused about recycling. What actually goes into the yellow bin? What do we do with the things that can be recycled, but do not belong in the yellow (or cardboard, or green waste) bin... (Read more)



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