Frequently Asked Questions

What do we Collect/PickUp?

Click here to check all the items we collect. If you cannot see what you are looking for feel free to email us on hello@recyclesmart.com. 

What items do we NOT Collect/PickUp?

Items that don't fit in the bag

A bag is the size of a standard shopping bag (40cm H x 20cm D x 40cm W) with a capacity of ​25 Litres. All items must reasonably fit in the bag allowing for some overflow. However, we will not collect items that obviously do not fit in a bag with the given dimensions.

Liquids that are not sealed

At this stage, we do not collect any containers of liquids from the problem waste section that are not correctly sealed or are leaking.

Clothes that are not wearable

We do not collect any clothing that are in an unwearable condition. Presently, all such clothing items should go in the red bin.

Toxic or other harmful waste​

We do not collect any toxic or hazardous waste that should be collected by hazardous, chemical or toxic waste collection services. 

Do I need to be home when you collect?

You do not need to be at home when our driver comes to pick up your items. Enjoy the freedom to recycle even while you're at work with RecycleSmart PickUp.

What are our collection times?

Our collection times are between 9am and 12pm noon Monday to Friday.

I don't have a RecycleSmart bag, so which bag should I use?

On your first collection, if you don't have a RecycleSmart bag, you can use any bag from home. During our first Pickup, we will leave your bag along with one of our RecycleSmart bags to use for future PickUps

What happens to the items after collection?

After we pick the items up from your door, they are sorted into four separate bins in our vehicles (cars). They are then taken to their correct corresponding recycling facilities. For clothes, we first take them to be donated. If the clothes are rejected, they are then taken to be disposed of appropriately. Your items will never end up in landfill when you recycle with RecycleSmart.

What do I do if I live in a unit/apartment/flat ?

If you live in a multi-apartment complex, we recommend you leave your bag in an area that can be accessed by anyone, for example, an outside bin enclosure, or if your building secures the bins indoors,  leave your bag near the entrance to the building.

How does your reward program work?

Once you have an account with us, we can give you a unique referral code. 

Simply invite your friends to join, and if they sign up to use our service, you will both get a RecycleSmart credit

1 RecycleSmart credit = 1 bag picked up for free


Where can I find my referral link?

Easy! Log into your account and click on the top right corner to see your account details. 

Click on "Refer a friend" and your unique referral link will be there. You can share it as you like: via email, Whatsapp, Facebook, anything :-)

How can I earn RecycleSmart credits?

We love giving RecycleSmart credits! It is our way to say thank you every time a friend of yours discovers our service thanks to you!

To make this happen, simply share your referral link with your friends. As soon as one of your friends creates an account with us, you will receive 1 RecycleSmart credit.

1 RecycleSmart credit = 1 bag picked up for free


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