Recycling Made Easy!

Got e-waste, clothing, or soft plastics for recycling? 

We collect and get them recycled for you!

6526 kg recyclable waste removed from landfill ... and counting!

How PickUp works

1. Gather your recyclables

Place your recyclables in any shopping bag/s. Or get a free Recycling Starter Kit with a bag.  

2. Book a PickUp

Enter your address and select a date. You don't need to be home on that day. Sign up to book in one click.

3. Leave the rest to us

Place the bag/s outside your place on pickup date. We take care of the rest. All pickups are contactless.


We will mail you a bag for your recycling items together with a special gift!

Why use PickUp?

It's easy

Just collect your items, put them in a bag, then book a PickUp. We'll collect, sort and properly recycle the items, working closely with councils and recycling partners.

It's convenient

You can either bring your clothes to Vinnies, e-waste to recycling facilities and soft plastics to the Recycle bins. Or book a PickUp online and we take care of them.

It's good

Minimum 20% of your household waste can be recycled instead of going to landfill. We help you recycle them and make a positive impact on the environment.

Download our app to access all these features

Search our Council specific waste database to find the correct disposal methods and locations.

Don't have time to deliver your waste to a Recycling Centre? Simply book a PickUp at your fingertips.

Keep track of you council rubbish collection days and stay up to  date with all waste related events.

Has someone been dumping their waste illegally? Report it directly to your council and resolve the issue.

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What do our recyclers say?

"RecycleSmart is the best solution to recycle my waste in the most accurate and convenient way." 

"With RecycleSmart, it's so convenient to get my recycling picked up right from my doorstep. It feels good to know that my waste will be recycled in the best way for the environment and even better to be able to do it so easily."

"Before RecycleSmart I didn't know how to properly recycle my waste. With their help, I can do it properly and without any struggle."

Ready to recycle with us?

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