Get your recycling picked up!

For just $2 per bag, you can now have your recyclables collected from your door, on demand.

Recycling couldn't be easier!

Let's celebrate SPRING together!

Enjoy 1 FREE Power PickUp up to 3 bags. Code: SPRINGCLEAN

How PickUp works

Available in:

1. Gather your recyclables

Scoop up all those tough-to-recycle things and put them in our bag or your own shopping bag

Got more than 10 bags? Email us at

2. Book a PickUp

Tell us your pickup address and a date that suits you. We collect Mon-Fri and you don’t even need to be home! Simple.

3. We'll do the rest

Place the bag(s) outside your house on the pickup date. We’ll come by and make sure your stuff goes to the right place.  

Book your Power PickUp today!

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Why use Power PickUp?

It's easy

Just collect your items, put them in a bag, then book a PickUp. We'll collect, sort and properly recycle the items, working closely with councils and recycling partners.

It's convenient

You can either bring your clothes to Vinnies, e-waste to recycling facilities and soft plastics to the Recycle bins. Or book a PickUp online and we take care of them.

It matters

We help you divert the 20% of your household waste that can be recycled from landfill,  so you can make a positive impact on the environment.

What do our customers say?

" With RecycleSmart, it’s so convenient to get my recycling picked up right from my doorstep. It feels good to know that my waste will be recycled in the best way for the environment and even better to be able to do it so easily."

Stephen, Coogee

Ready to recycle?

Click here and we'll send you a FREE Recycling Starter Kit

for you to load up with recyclables. 

We'll come and collect them as soon as you've book a PickUp



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