About RecycleSmart

About Us


RecycleSmart is an innovative waste management company.

We’re on a mission to make everyone recycle more.  

We believe recycling problem waste should be as easy as ordering an Uber.

So, we’re reinventing recycling to make it work for the next generation.


We’re here to help you smash your environmental goals.

We make it convenient with seamless tech,

We make it simple by getting rid of the jargon,

And we make it fresh with our friendly approach.


We work with councils, households and businesses. 

And encourage small, smart steps in the right direction.

Because together, we can make a positive impact. 

One smart recycling decision at a time.

What we do


AUSTRALIA, WE HAVE A PROBLEM: Did you know that over 20% of red bin waste could be recycled? Or that 75% of waste that is recycled, ends up in landfill? 


We address these worrying statistics, with tech solutions that increase recycling rates and reduce the amount of recyclable materials ending up in landfill. 


POWER PICKUPS:  We help people recycle materials such as soft plastics, wearable clothing, e-waste and problem waste.  It’s convenient, affordable and impactful. Learn more here.


OUR APP: Unsure what to do with your waste? Not sure what can or cannot be recycled? Our app is Australia’s most comprehensive recycling database, providing you with information on how to recycle over 180 items in over 550 Councils in Australia. Search categories like Glass, Batteries or Household Items and recycle with confidence.


COUNCIL PARTNERSHIPS: We collaborate with Councils to find the most effective local solution to their recycling problems. Then we connect with the community, facilitating the process of collecting and sorting recyclable waste and sending them to the right facilities so that they can be recycled responsibly. 

Our Core Values

Revolutionise waste. Drive positive change. Make an impact.

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Download our app now and up your recycling game!




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